Pool of Possibilities – Courtney Milne

Courtney Milne was a world renown Canadian photographer. He produced numerous books and exhibitions with images gathered from around the world. The last couple years of his life and career were spent photographing the beautiful pool, right outside his back door.

Over 45,000 images became The Pool of Possibilities e-calendar, a 365 day calendar with his narratives titled Poolside Wisdom. Courtney’s wife, Sherrill Miller, gifted Courtney’s collection to the University of Saskatchewan’s Library Archives & Special Collections. The e-calendar is now available again along with the opportunity to purchase copies of the images.

The images are beautiful colours, shapes and abstracts with Courtney’s narratives inviting us to explore and become one with Nature’s rhythms. Clicking on this link will take you directly to the reasoning behind the images.

Inside the E-Calendar

If you subscribe to the e-calendar, every day you will receive:

  • A new image of the pool
  • A unique title for each day – inspired by the rhythms of nature
  • Courtney’s “Poolside Wisdom” – the story behind the photo

The e-calendar was created as a perpetual calendar – you can start it anytime of the year. Each day builds on the prior day as the seasons progress, sometimes with subtle changes, other times with dramatic differences. It was these constant changes that led Courtney to name it the Pool of Possibilities. I have noticed changes in what I see and how I interpret the images in my third time through the collection.

Pool of Possibilities – example:


the twenty-eighth day of Enchantment

“How quickly the pool transforms itself today. I marvel at its volatility, so silver-sleek it defies the human eye to match its fleeting pace. I attempt to hone my senses, to be more attuned to its speed, but my best efforts are no match for its mercurial tempo.

A thousand expressions have come and gone in the blink of an eye, yet the sheer act of attempting to perceive sharpens me, brightens my mind. The experience helps me to be more alert, more astute, more aware, more ready to respond to the unexpected.

The day of quickness teaches me readiness. The pool is my mentor; this moment, my rehearsal for a lifetime that follows.

How fast are your reflexes? How rapid is your reaction time? Moving water, the flight of a bird, a leaf caught by a sudden squall, are all opportunities to practice “eye chi”, the martial art of seeing.”

You can also browse the full calendar without subscribing to the e-mail.